Before you start

In order to run AWI-CM3 a few steps must be taken that are outlined here. Some of them are optional others are not.


Repository registration

Since OpenIFS can not be distributed without lincence from the ECMWF, registration with is required to obtain all required source code. Membership to the repositories can be granted by AWI staff (,, or, provided you are a member of an OpenIFS licenced institute

Supported HPCs

While the model can be run on a home computer, it is more commonly used on high performance computers. The model is currently supported on,,,,, Simulations at other computing centers may require a bit more setup work (environment, library & compiler settings, download of inital & boundary conditions as well as meshes). To ensure that on your HPC system the library toolchain for AWI-CM3 is installed with the required options and library versions, we suggest to use: